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Dear RSG students, families, and partners,

HAPPY SUMMER!!!! Here at RSG, summer is for fun and learning.  Our students work hard in summer programs and through keeping "in shape" academically over the summer.  Important components to staying academically fit over summer are reading, STEM areas, and engaging in healthy lifestyles.


Here are some summer suggestions from RSG staff to help you prevent the summer slide:


1.  Read every day! Remember that reading helps us make meaning and explore new subjects.  There's so much to read!  Ideas include:  books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, online science pages.... just to think of a few!  Reading opens so many doors.


2.  Be a scientist!  Look at insects, plants, nature and make a journal of what you see including observations of how things change over summer.  Gardening can be a great science lesson!


3.  Math:  What??  Math over summer?  Sure thing!  Every time you're at the store, think of how change is made, tax is added, or discounts are calculated.  If you love math, pull out a calculator and play games to check your accuracy.  Also, look at cool online sites like Khan Academy.  This free app will teach you lessons, step by step, for FREE that may not be covered in regular classrooms.  And it's really fun too!


4.  Fitness is important for the body and mind.  To be fit we need to fuel up well.  Make sure you eat breakfast this summer and drink plenty of water.  Play outside and keep active.  All that sunshine, oxygen, and playing will help you learn and retain information.  


Whatever your plans are for summer, remember to stay cool and be safe!  We look forward to seeing everyone in the fall.  Enrollment packets will come out for afterschool at the start of the school year (on our website and in school offices).  We plan to begin 2018 afterschool programs on or around September 10.


Andrea and the RSG Team

Hit play to hear Andrea's Sunday Magazine interview about RSG with Forever Broadcasting Media! 

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